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The FY2013 Supplementary Budget Proposal of Taipei Municipal Government Has Been Approved by Taipei City Council on December 31, 2013

The FY2013 supplementary budget proposal of Taipei Municipal Government has been approved by Taipei City Council on December 31, 2013. The approved annual revenue for the FY2013 additionally amounts to NT$3.47 billion and the net annual expenditure additionally amounts to NT$3.03 billion, too. The difference between the additional revenue and net expenditure shows a surplus of NT$0.44 billion, which will decrease the expenditure of surplus from previous fiscal years. With the addition, the FY2013 annual revenue amounts to NT$156.66 billion and expenditure amounts to NT$176.95 billion, respectively, decreasing 4.32% and 5.32% in comparison with those for FY2012.