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The FY2017 Financial Certificated Statement of Taipei Municipal Government has been promulgated by Audit Institutes

1. The FY2017 General Financial Statement of Taipei Municipal Government (TMG) showed NTD175.63 billion in revenue and NTD162.26 billion in expenditure, respectively having NTD6.69 billion more and NTD8.61 billion less than the associated budget, so that there was a surplus of NTD13.37 billion. After paying NTD11.6 billion in debt, there was still a surplus for NTD1.77 billion.
2. The FY2017 Subordinate Agency Financial Statement and consolidated tables for TMG showed NTD215.79 billion in revenue and NTD207.29 billion in expenditure, showing a surplus of NTD8.50 billion.