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What are the comparison benchmarks for national and international cities established by the Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DBAS)? How to get them?

In order to improve the competitiveness of Taipei City, there are 126 statistic benchmarks in 15 categories listed as the judgment and comparison items. The DBAS started to publish the analysis report (only available in Chinese) on judgment & comparison of national counties & cities from the previous year annually since 2000. As to international cities, the DBAS not only designs questionnaires in accordance with 50 benchmarks in 14 categories and sends them to 18 well-known international cities for yearly data collection, but also searches associated statistics on the websites of 13 well-known cities. Due to the differences of statistic systems and statistic registration mode among cities, some statistical data are unavailable or different in time scale so as to have only few data can be re-calculated for analysis. The analyzed data are posted on the DBAS website.