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1. Budgeting: 

  • (1)Plan and compile FY2025 General Budget Proposal with Subordinate Agency Budget and Consolidated Tables of Taipei Municipal Government (TMG) so as to assist the implementation of Taipei City Government (TCG) administrative construction and put the Municipal White Paper into effect.
  • (2)Compile FY2024 Supplementary Budget Proposal of TMG for those needed to be added or reduced in accordance with the Budget Act., “Regulations for subsidies from Central Government to the Municipalities and County (City) Governments”, and “Principles for Preparing Central and Local Government Budget”.
  • (3)Compile FY2023General Financial Statement with Subordinate Agency Financial Statement and Consolidated Tables of TMG and submit it to the Taipei Municipality Audit Division (TMAD) for review. It will be the reference for budget preparation and improvement of municipal administration in future years. 2.Accounting:

2. Accounting:

  • Continue to implement the internal control to strengthen financial orders: not only submit the associated implementing plan to the Taipei City Government Internal Control System Implementation Committee annually, but also continue to enhance relevant guidance with training courses, and promote TCG agencies to reinforce internal control, thereby achieving high-quality internal control and ensuring the effectiveness of internal control.

3. Statistics

  • (1)Continue to implement the statistical works on maintaining the administrative statistics scheme,compiling diverse periodicals and strengthening statistical analysis for agencies in according to the administrative needs and current conditions so as to enrich the statistical information required for administrative decision-making.
  • (2)Continue to collect statistics of Taipei City,other domestic cities and international cities,and to compile statistical indicators on diverse themes, such as net-zero emissions, districts,gender,new immigrants,elders, fewer children trend, domestic and international cities, and urban competitiveness, so as to be the governing reference of the City.
  • (3)Continue to enrich "Taipei City Statistics Database Inquiry System" and "Taipei●123" so as to enforce the convivence services and the application of statistical open data.
  • (4)Continue to conduct the surveys on civil economic activities such as family income and expenditure and price indices in Taipei, and publish reports on the survey results as references for the City Government when setting social welfare policies for citizens, observing the price level, adjusting the commodities' supply, and evaluating the purchasing power.
  • (5)Continue to assist the Central Government conducting statistic surveys and provide the results to the government as references for relevant decision-making in 2024 : such as the Manpower Survey, the Employees' Earnings Survey, the Survey on Earnings by Occupation, the Motor Vehicle Freight Traffic Survey, the Job Vacancy and Employment Status Survey,the Service Operation and Investment Overview Survey,the Manpower Utilization Survey.