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Important Achievements in 2018

1. Budgeting
  • (1) Plan and Compile the General Budget Proposal with Subordinate Agency Budget and Consolidated Tables of Taipei Municipal Government (TMG) for 2019 fiscal year (FY): Allocate budget with priority of policies to improve administrative construction and services of Taipei City Government (TCG). Also expect public and private sectors to keep on cooperating and developing Taipei City into a global leading international metropolis with urban prosperity for future generations. The FY2019 general budget proposal with subordinate agency budget and consolidated tables of TMG has been carefully compiled in accordance with the "Principles for Preparing Central and Local Government Budget", "Guidelines for Preparing Taipei Municipal Government General Budget" and "Guidelines for Preparing Subordinate Agency Budget of General Budget of Taipei Municipal Government".
    The FY2019 general budget proposal with subordinate agency budget and consolidated tables of TMG approved by Taipei City Council is summarized as follows:
  •  a.The FY2019 General Budget of TMG
The approved annual revenue and expenditure for the FY2019 amount to NT$159.90 billion and NT$164.92 billion with decreases of 2.73% and 4.42% for those of FY2018, respectively. The deficit of the annual revenue and expenditure is NT$5.02 billion and the debt repayment is NT$ 7.58 billion, which will be financed with NT$12.60 billion for the surplus of previous fiscal years.
  •  b.The FY2019 Subordinate Agency Budget and Consolidated Tables of The General Budget of TMG
The approved annual revenue and expenditure for the FY2019 amount to NT$212.77 billion and NT$205.13 billion with decreases of 5.77% and 3.70% for those of FY2018, respectively. The surplus is NT$7.64 billion and indicates a decrease of 40.22% for that of FY2018.
  • (2) Plan and Compile FY2018 Supplementary Budget Proposal of TMG
According to the subsidies for the central government's annual key plans, the FY2018 supplementary budget proposal of TMG has been carefully compiled and has been approved by Taipei City Council. The approved net annual revenue and expenditure for the FY2018 additionally amount to NT$5.79 billion and NT$1.64 billion, respectively. The surplus of the net additional revenue and expenditure is NT$0.04 billion, excluding self-redeeming debt of 4.11 billion ,will decrease the use of surplus of previous fiscal years.
  • (3) Compile the associated special budget for Taipei Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit System
The associated special budget for Taipei Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit System is compiled for the vision of constructing the world’s first-class metropolitan rapid transit system for the Taipei metropolitan area, for strengthening the performance of the overall MRT network, and for improving associated services and quality of life. Taipei City Council has approved it and made the resolution: "The relevant expenditure should be submitted to the Council annually.” The FY2019 special budget for the third term of the Xinzhuang Line, Luzhou Line and other 3 items have granted NT$5.31 billion in total.
  • (4) Compilation of the First Supplementary Budget of the Special Budget for the Xinyi Eastern Extension of Taipei Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit Systems
As Station R04 was canceled for construction, the construction costs and land acquisition fees were reduced accordingly. In addition, the planning schedule was adjusted in compliance with urban planning revision, approved by the Executive Yuan on January 18, 2018. The total construction costs was adjusted from NT$11.91 billion to NT$9.37 billion, and the duration of the project was adjusted to FY2024. Therefore, the first supplementary budget proposal of the special budget for the Xinyi eastern extension was compiled and submitted to Taipei City Council on July 31, 2018.The net annual revenue had been approved for a decrease of NT$3.02 billion with a decrease of NT$2.54 billion for the net annual expenditure. As a result, the budget for the annual revenue totals NT$1.51 billion with the annual expenditure of NT$9.37 billion, having a deficit of NT$7.86 billion which will be financed by bonds and loan.
  • (5) Compile the FY2017 disbursement table of TMG secondary reserve fund
The budget of secondary reserve fund for FY2017 totals NT$1.25 billion. The amount approved by Taipei City Government for the requirements of associated agencies according to Article 96, 70 of the Budget Act is NT$ 0.71 billion.
  • (6) Win the champion in "FY2018 valuation for the Executing Performance of the General Grant subsidized by the Central Government to Municipalities and County (City) Governments."
Due to the reorganization and promotion of New Taipei City, Taichung City, and Tainan City in 2010, "Regulations on subsidies from Central Government to the Municipalities and County (City) Governments" has been revised and thereon, municipalities may be subsidized with the general grant. According to "Directions for Evaluating the Annual Programs and Budget of Municipalities and County (City) Governments," the results of the program and budget evaluations will be the reference as to increasing or decreasing the general grant for Municipalities and County (City) Governments.
The results of FY2018 valuation in social welfare, education, infrastructure, and annual budget compilation & execution parts show that the TCG gets the highest score and will be awarded an additional amount of NT$17.16 million grant from the Central Government.
  • (7) In order to encourage the agencies of TCG to achieve good budget execution performance, the associated performance result will be quarterly reported for reviewing. Also, the Execution Statement of TMG General Budget is quarterly compiled and submitted to Taipei City Council for reference. At the end of the year, the budget execution performance will be assessed in accordance with the "Evaluation Directions for The Capital Expense Budget Execution Performance of Agencies of Taipei City Government."
  • (8) Compiled FY2017 General Financial Statement with Subordinate Agency Financial Statement and Consolidated Tables of TMG and submitted it to Taipei Municipality Audit Division (TMAD) for review on April 30, 2018. The reviewing results had been completed on July 25 of the same year. The FY2017 General Financial Statement of TMG consisted of NT$175.63 billion in revenue, and NT$162.26 billion in expenditure, showing a surplus of NT$13.37 billion. After paying NT$11.60 billion for debt, there was a surplus of NT$1.77 billion. The FY2017 Subordinate Agency Financial Statement and consolidated tables for TMG consisted of NT$215.79 billion in revenue and NT$207.29 billion in expenditure, showing a surplus of NT$8.50 billion.

2. Accounting
  • (1) Review the accounting reports of Taipei City Government's (TCG's) agencies. Also, compile the performance of revenues and expenditures of general and special budget and provide it to the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS), Executive Yuan and TMAD for reference.
  • (2) Continue to review each TCG subordinate agency's accounting system for producing the associated effect. As of the end of 2018, there were 31 accounting systems (such as the School Affair Development Fund for Taipei University, etc.) reviewed by DBAS.
  • (3) Continue to implement internal control and ensure financial orders. In order to reinforce the agencies' internal control, there were 20 agencies (such as the Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government etc.) audited in 2018. And they will be notified of the associated result reports for improvement after the reviewing of the Taipei City Government Internal Control System Implementation Committee.
  • (4) Compiled FY2018 Semi-annual Balance Statement of TMG and submitted it to TMAD on August 31, 2018. The reviewing results had been completed and sent back to the TCG on September 26 of the same year.

3. Statistics
  • (1) Promote the Official Statistics for TCG agencies to provide decision-making information: As of the end of 2018, there had been a total of 1,951 official statistic tables for TCG agencies. In addition, publish the "Statistical Weekly Report on Municipal Administration" with press releases on special subjects. Issue the following statistical publications: monthly-"Short Report on Important Statistics of Taipei City", "Important Statistical Indicators for Taipei City and The Five Municipalities" and "Important Statistical Indicators of Taipei City"; yearly-"Statistical Report of Taipei City Government", "Taipei City Statistical Yearbook", "Taipei City Statistical Abstract" in Chinese/English versions, and "General Report on Statistics of Taipei City Government". Maintain the "Taipei City Government Official Statistics Management System" and "Taipei City Statistical Information System" for improving the management of official statistical operations. Also set the audit plan for statistical works of TCG and implement it with written reports and on sites.
  • (2) Compile diverse indicators to publicize TCG policy performance and as references for agencies' administration, such as: "Important Statistic Indicators of Taipei City in Recent Years", "Taipei City Statistical Indicators by District", "Analysis of Statistical Indicators for Taipei City and International Cities", "Analysis of Statistical Indicators for Taipei City and National Cities", "Taipei City Urban Competitiveness Indicators", "Taipei City Gender Statistics", "Taipei City Gender Statistics and Figures" in Chinese/English versions", "Statistical Indicators on New Immigrants", "Global Urban Indicators for Taipei City", "Taipei City Elderly Statistics", "Taipei City Statistics on Fewer Children Trend" and "Taipei City Statistical Indicators for Reviewing Expenditure Budget Estimate". Additionally, the definition and explanation of associated indicators are revised annually so as to have the use of the indicators more precise. Furthermore, Taipei City was the first domestic city participating in the ISO 37120 Certification Program of the World Council on City Data (WCCD) by means of the Mayor’s signing the WCCD Certification and Registration Agreement on October 28, 2015 and having the honor to get an award of WCCD Platinum Certification on April 18, 2016. Successively share the relevant experience about the registration and certification process with New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Taichung City, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City and Ilan County. Continually participate the ISO 37120 Certification Program and have obtained the award of WCCD Platinum Certification (the highest level) for four consecutive years. Also, annually publish the e-book of "ISO 37120 Indicators of Taipei City and International Cities" with comparative analysis for Taipei City and other cities achieving the WCCD certification referred to Taipei city government's compiling sustainable development indicators.
  • (3) Enrich the "Taipei City Statistics Database Inquiry System" to provide real-time statistical information: For improving the statistical services, establish the "Taipei City Statistics Database Inquiry System". It contains important statistics, important statistical indicators, price statistics, and family income and expenditure statistics sub-databases. Monthly, annual, gender, administrative region, fewer children trend, elderly and international urban statistics can be viewed by tables, downloaded as files, and particularly displayed with geographic maps through the diverse functions of this system to improve the efficiency and quality of using statistics. Also, assist the promote TCG agencies to establish the associated statistical systems by using the PC-AXIS software family since 2011. There totaled 43 departments with district offices and the Taipei City Revenue Service established the systems at the end of 2018.
  • (4) Conduct surveys on civil economic activities, such as family income and expenditure, and price indices in Taipei, to understand the citizens' living standard, observe the price level and measure the changes in purchasing power of legal tender. The associated reports are available on the DBAS website.
  • (5) Survey the associated prices as references for TMG budget compiling standards of common items.
  • (6) Assist the Central Government in executing the following statistical surveys and obtain the associated results for the reference of the government's relevant decision-making in 2018:
  • a. Monthly: the Manpower Survey, the Employees' Earnings Survey.
  • b. Biannually: the Motor Vehicle Freight Traffic Survey.
  • c. Annually: Job Vacancy and Employment Status Survey(Employee Compensations and Turnover), the Manpower Utilization Survey, the Survey on Earnings by Occupation, Economic Survey of Construction Industry, Service Operation and Investment Overview Survey.
  • d. Other: 2018 Street Vender Survey, 2020 Population and Housing Census -The First Census Test.