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About Organization

the organization system diagram of DBAS

   The Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DBAS) of Taipei City Government (TCG) is established in accordance with Article 6 of “Autonomous Regulations of Taipei City Government” and is in charge of budgeting, accounting and statistic affairs of TCG. The DBAS has targeted the goal of “Optimizing the Allocation of Limited Resources, Improving Government Finance Efficiency, Promoting Statistical Support for Decision making, and Assisting in the Movement of Municipal Constructions”. The budgeting affairs focus on the preparation of budget and settlement mainly. The accounting affairs focus on the development of financial management mainly. The statistic affairs focus on collecting and analyzing the related data of administration as a reference to decision making mainly. There are 5 divisions and 5 offices in DBAS. The organization chart and associated duties are illustrated as above.
   The BAS offices subordinate to TCG are established in accordance with the “Statutes for Establishment and Management of Budgetary, Accounting and Statistics Agencies and BAS Personnel”. The appointment, dismissal, transfer and monitoring of BAS personnel follow the associated regulations:”Enforcement Rules of the Management Act for Personnel Establishment of BAS Agencies”, “Regulations for Organization Setting of BAS Agencies and for Appointment, Dismissal, Transfer of BAS personnel”, and the Promotion Law for Officials with its executive details.