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VII.Industry and Commerce

80. Number and Capital of Commercial Registration in Taipei City  PDF
81. Number and Capital of Companies Registered in Taipei City-by Organization and Industrial Classification  PDF
82. Factory Registration in Taipei City  PDF
83. Number of Factories Registered in Taipei City-by District  PDF
84. Number and Capital of Registered Business Enterprises in Taipei City  PDF
85. Number and Operating Income of Business Enterprises in Taipei City  PDF
86. Public Wholesale Markets in Taipei City  PDF
87. Public Traditional Retail Markets in Taipei City  PDF
88. Public Supermarkets in Taipei City  PDF
89. Transaction of Poultry and Fish in Taipei City  PDF
90. Transaction of Vegetables in Taipei City-by Type  PDF
91. Transaction of Fruits in Taipei City-by Type  PDF
92. The Quantity and Value of Tobacco and Liquor Sold in Taipei City by Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation  PDF
93. Transactions of Real Estate in Taipei City  PDF