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XI.Public Works

Analysis  PDF
129. Population and Land Exploitation of Taipei City Planning  PDF
130. Public Facility Land Area of Urban Planning in Taipei City  PDF
131. Number of Permits Issued by Building Administration in Taipei City  PDF
132. Permission of Newly Constructed Houses’Building Permit in Taipei City-by Structure  PDF
133. Use Licenses Issued for Newly Constructed Buildings in Taipei City-by Structure  PDF
134. Use Licenses Issued for Newly Constructed Buildings in Taipei City-by Purpose and Ownership  PDF
135. Number of Buildings Constructed in Taipei City  PDF
136. Number and Area of Houses in Taipei City  PDF
137. Treatment for Infracting the Laws of Construction in Taipei City Planning Territory  PDF
138. The Project Plan and Principal Equipment of Taipei MRT  PDF
139. Green Resources in Taipei City  PDF
140. The Greenification of the Cityscape in Taipei City  PDF
141. Length and Area of Roads in Taipei City  PDF
142. New Construction, Widened Construction, and Improved Construction of Roads in Taipei City  PDF
143. The Ordinary Maintenance of Roads in Taipei City  PDF
144. Sidewalk in Taipei City  PDF
145. Street Lamps in Taipei City  PDF
146. Bridges in Taipei City  PDF
147. Rainwater Drainage Construction in Taipei City  PDF
148. The Constructed Length of Sewer in Taipei City  PDF
149. General Situation of Sewer Connection in Taipei City  PDF
150. Communal Pipelines in Taipei City  PDF
151. Project of Flood Prevention in Taipei City  PDF
152. The Works for River Flood Control in Taipei City  PDF
153. The Consumer Development of Tap Water in Taipei  PDF
154. The Source, Served Area, and Volume of Tap Water of Taipei  PDF
155. Number of Subscribers for Tap Water in Taipei  PDF
156. Selling Volume and Revenue of Tap Water in Taipei  PDF
157. The Quality Inspection of Drinking Water in Taipei  PDF
158. Length of Replaced Tap Water Pipes in Taipei  PDF
159. Water Use at the Taipei Feitsui Reservoir  PDF
The Definition of Important Statistical Terms  PDF